Important Things To Consider When Buying Newborn Clothing

Raising a newborn is rewarding and fulfilling, but it’s also a lot of hard work. It’s your responsibility to make smart choices so you can give your new child healthy food, a safe environment and practical newborn clothes that’ll cradle and protect them.

Finding suitable baby clothing isn’t as easy as some people may think. New parents may have trouble finding the best garments for their child because there are so many factors that you need to think about. Babies cannot properly tell you what they want or how they feel in words yet, so it’s up to you to diligently find good clothing for them.

Luckily, when you look at the right qualities and reflect on your options, you’ll have an easier time finding clothing that both you and your child love.

Newborn Baby Clothing and Baby Booties

What To Think About When Looking For Newborn Clothes

To help you find the best clothing for your new bundle of joy, consider the following things when you search for new baby clothes and accessories:


Every parent needs to keep in mind that baby skin is softer and more sensitive than the skin of adults or older children. So, a material that might not bother your skin could end up seriously upsetting your baby. Materials and fabric that are treated with chemicals could give your baby a painful rash or upset them.

Additionally, you should always remember that the quality of the clothing’s material will affect the overall quality of the newborn clothes. Clothing made with bad materials is more likely to be poorly designed and unsafe.

In general, softer and safer fabric is better for your child. Materials like cotton and fleece are a good go-to for most baby clothes. Always make sure you know what fabric your baby clothes are made of before you purchase any.


Safety must always be your top priority. Every parent wants their child to look cute and cosy, but you should never put fashion over safety. Baby clothing with breakable parts, choking hazards and restrictive designs should be avoided because they can be dangerous.

Things like small buttons and drawstrings can become serious hazards if they break off. Instead, you should look for safety snaps and newborn clothes designs that allow you to securely dress your baby without small, dangerous parts. Tight necklines should also be avoided.

While dressy costumes may be absolutely adorable, they’re not always safe. Save the cute costumes and fancy outfits for supervised special occasions and make sure all of your child’s daily wear is safe. Of course, once you find clothes that you know are safe, you can buy them in patterns and colours that you think will look great on your baby.


Buying in the right size is also a key factor in buying safe clothing. Clothes that are too big can get tangled up and come off. Conversely, clothing that is too small can restrict your child to a dangerous degree. When choosing things like coveralls and other clothes that go over your baby’s body, you need to make sure you are buying in the right size. ‘One size fits all’ usually isn’t a viable option for baby clothes.

Newborn clothes sizes are usually determined by the baby’s age, height or weight. Don’t forget that, just like adult clothing brands, many brands and sellers have different definitions for certain sizes. Always do a little research on how your baby’s clothes are categorised when you buy from a new company.


Naturally, cost is also a factor. Raising a baby is expensive, so you must always keep an eye on how much your baby supplies cost as you shop. Babies grow up incredibly fast, and what fits now might not fit in a month or two. Never buy the most expensive thing in the shop if your baby won’t need it in a month.

Although, this does not mean you should ever put price over practicality. Higher-quality clothing will cost a bit more, but it’s also far safer for your child. You may want to check out a store’s clearance section for excellent newborn clothes that are a bit cheaper.

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