What is Subo The Food Bottle?

What is Subo The Food Bottle?

We live in a busy world!  Whether we are running out the door for work, getting the kids ready for soccer practice or just heading to the shops we are all super busy.

We want to make sure our little ones have delicious, nutritious food when we are on the go so we reach for the food pouches.  Supermarket food and yoghurt pouches are great, but can be expensive and are wrapped in plastic.

Subo Food Bottle are here to help solve this problem and make baby and toddler food on the go much easier.

What is a Subo Bottle?

Subo is a bottle designed specially for feeding your child soft foods such as Yoghurt, Smoothies, cooked veggies and mashed fruits.

Subo's specialised platform sits below the food inside the bottle. As your child eats, sucking food through the spout, the platform automatically moves up the bottle. This pushes the food up, eliminating air into tummies and the need to squeeze or tip the bottle in order to finish the meal!

It's like a squeeze pouch for baby food, but babies don't actually need to squeeze - they can just sip from the spout. 

Unlike reusable baby food pouches, kids can’t squeeze the food out of the bottle and make a mess.  Making Feeding on the go simpler and cleaner for parents!

Why all the fuss about Subo The Food Bottle?

Subo The Food Bottle has made feeding babies and toddlers so much easier. Here's why:

  • Perfect for purees, yoghurts, smoothies and mashed foods (all the stuff you’d find in squeezy pouches at the supermarket)
  • Non-squeezable so there’s less mess
  • Reusable, a great alternative to single-use packages.  Less plastics and cheaper than supermarket pouches.
  • Completely BPA free and phthalate free.
  • Viewing window allows parents and children to see how much food has been eaten
  • Convenient way to carry food from home to be consumed later
  • Great for a quick snack or meal on the go, in the stroller, in the car or anywhere.

How do you use a Subo Food Bottle?

Subo is really easy to use.  

  1. Remove the Spout by unscrewing the collar.
  2. Fill the tube to the brim with your choice of puree.  
  3. If the food does not fill the available tube space, unscrew the base and push the platform up to raise the food level to the top.
  4. Replace the collar and spout.  
  5. Give the Valve in the base a pinch before placing back on to the Subo Bottle, this will allow to platform to move up freely.

Subo Food Bottle Easy Use Instructions

What age is Subo for?

Subo Food Bottle is suitable from 6 months of age.  

Your Subo Bottle will come with an Original Spout  which has a 12mm opening.  The Original Spout is perfect for bigger kiddies and more chunky foods such and mashed veggies.

Little ones may benefit from a Straw Spout which have a 5mm opening.  Straw Spouts are perfect for thinner foods like rice cereal, smoothies and plain yoghurts.    Straw Spouts are available for purchase separately. 

Subo is also a great addition to a lunch box for bigger kids, providing a great mess free alternative to plastic yoghurt tubs.

Is Subo Easy to Clean? 

Yes, super easy to clean!

Subo is easy to dissemble to clean all areas.  There are 7 individual parts that are made from food grade, dishwasher safe silicone and plastic.

Once clean reassembly is also easy, the value slides back into the tube and the base and collar simply screw back into place.

What Colours options are available for my Subo ?

Subo has a range a delightful colour options available to choose from:

You can also mix the colour parts of your Subo Bottles to create your own combinations

Subo Duck Egg Blue & Subo Musk




Our non-squeezable, less mess bottles means that food ends up in your child's tummy, not everywhere else - including you!



Be more environmentally friendly & save money by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of single-use squeezable packaged foods.



Your child’s safety is of our highest concern, that’s why Subo products are Phthalate-free and BPA-free.



Watch your little one feed themselves while navigating the world - giving you more time (and free hands) to do whatever you need too.


Explore our full range of Subo The Food Bottle here

If you have any questions about Subo please leave a comment below.


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