Water Beads - School Holiday Fun

Water Beads for Sensory Play

Water Beads have been hugely popular these past couple of years and it's easy to see why.

These colourful, slippery balls of Polymer 100% non-toxic and so much fun to experiment and play with.  

If your unfamiliar with Water Beads you're in for a treat!  Water Beads make an incredible addition to children's sensory play, with only their imagination limiting the possibilities.

How to play with Water Beads 

Water Beads begin as tiny seeds, part of the fun is watching them expand and grow.   We love using a tall glass vase to watch the seeds start to slowly fill the space.  

Your Water Beads will take up to 8 hours to fully expand, if you would like to speed this up use some warm water instead of cold

Once expanded, Water Beads become delightfully squishy, slippery and bouncy.

My kids love the feeling of the Beads between their fingers and under the palm of their little hands.

Today we set up Race Tracks for the Beads using our Connetix Tiles, we each choose a different colour bead then let go at the top of the ramp...ready, set, GO!!

We also have fun setting up Bounce Challenges using a combination of household items such as, mixing bowls, the cardboard from empty toilet rolls, and wooden building blocks. 

The idea is to create a wall to bounce your water Bead over and land in the bowl or vessel on the other side.  Start off with a small wall and large vessel and slowly increase the difficulty until you have a winner!

Water Beads Expanded

Water Beads are also a fantastic educational tool.  Use them as a fun way to introduce your littles one to colours and counting.

Add a little water each day to keep the Water Beads hydrated and plump.

What do I do with the Water Beads after we finish playing?

Once you're finished playing with them just bury them in the garden as they are 100% Biodegradable.  


Enjoy these incredible Water Beads


-  Di 

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