Subo The Food Bottle

Subo is the revolutionary, non-squeeze food bottle - designed to replace the disposable baby food pouch you can find in the supermarket.

Subo is perfect for Babies, Toddlers and bigger kiddies lunchboxes. As the child sucks the food through the soft silicone spout the platform moves up, eliminating air pockets!

Subo Food Bottle is a revolutionary product that replaces the need for messy food pouches or tubs in lunch boxes.

Subo Original Spout | 12mm | Raspberry Lane Baby & Children's Boutique Newborn Baby Shop online nz
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Subo Original Spout | 12mm

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Subo Straw Spout | 5mm | Raspberry Lane Baby & Children's Boutique Newborn Baby Shop online nz
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Subo Straw Spout | 5mm

$4.83 $6.04

Subo The Food Bottle

Subo Food Bottles are also completely reusable, and environmentally friendly!

Subo Bottle Nz

Raspberry Lane Baby & Children's Boutique is a proud stockist of Subo the Food Bottle.

Subo Food Bottle is available in a range of colours.

Pair your Subo Food Bottle with a Bento style lunch boxes to create an enviable morning tea or lunch for your child

What is a Subo Bottle?

Subo is a bottle designed specially for feeding your child soft foods such as Yoghurt, Smoothies, cooked veggies and mashed fruits.

Subo's specialised platform sits below the food inside the bottle. As your child eats, sucking food through the spout, the platform automatically moves up the bottle. This pushes the food up, eliminating air into tummies and the need to squeeze or tip the bottle in order to finish the meal!

It's like a squeeze pouch for baby food, but babies don't actually need to squeeze - they can just sip from the spout.

Unlike reusable baby food pouches, kids can’t squeeze the food out of the bottle and make a mess. Making Feeding on the go simpler and cleaner for parents!

How does Subo Food Bottle work?

1. Remove the Spout by unscrewing the collar.

2. Fill the tube to the brim with your choice of puree.

3. If the food does not fill the available tube space, unscrew the base and push the platform up to raise the food level to the top.

4. Replace the collar and spout.

5. Give the Valve in the base a pinch before placing back on to the Subo Bottle, this will allow to platform to move up freely.

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