Jellycat plush toy is sure to become a favourite, enjoying lots of bedtime snuggles and hugs everyday. It's important to know how to keep your little ones best friend in great condition. 

Each Jellycat has a care label attached, located at the bottom of the toy. 

How to clean your Jellycat?

When it come to washing your Jellycat Bunny soft toy, Jellycat recommend that you surface wash only. Use a mild (non-toxic) soap and rinsing clean with cold water. 

To help return the fur on your stuffed toy to its super soft former glory, it can then be carefully dried with a hair dryer using a cool setting. Hanging the toy on the washing line to dry instead of using a hair dryer you may find that the fur becomes ridged. Using a hair dryer on a cool setting helps to separate and fluff the fur fibers, reducing this stiffness. 

Some Jellycat plush toy products such as soothers and comforters are suitable for a cool machine wash - please always check the sew-in label.

What if my Jellycat gets super dirty?

If your Jellycat gets particularly soiled and a surface clean just wont be enough, a gentle machine wash in cold water may be necessary.  

Place the Jellycat plush toy into a wash bag or pillowcase before adding to the washing machine on a cool, gentle cycle. Use a hairdryer on a cold setting to dry the fur fibres and return the fluffiness.

Please note that machine washing is a last resort cleaning option and not part of the manufactures care instructions or product warranty (unless otherwise stated on the sewn-in label).