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Timber Tinkers Hospital Bag Organisers


Hospital Bag Organisers

Hospital Bag Organisers are the perfect way to organise everything you and your birthing partner might need once your newborn arrives.

Being well prepared for your due date can make your feel more at ease the days count down. Having your Hospital Bag neatly organised can be a big help to relax the nerves.

Packing your Babies First Outfit, Birth Announcement, nipple balm, spare phone charger and a special newborn going home outfit neatly into your Hospital Organiser Bags will make it easier to find what you need in those first few days.

 These Bags a such a good idea and make a perfect gift item for an expectant mother


  • High quality calico drawstring bags, each bag is 20cm x 25cm sizing
  • 6 bags included
    • Birth Announcement
    • My First Outfit
    • Going Home Outfit
    • Spare Clothes
    • Accessories
    • Misc


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